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Keeping Termites out of your Yard

We’re all guilty of having our junk piles around the yard, things you have no place for and don’t want to throw away. Most of the time these junk piles are innocuous enough, however leaving stored items against weep holes or scrap timber in direct contact with soil are things home owners should avoid to help prevent termites.

Though you may not have a termite nest in your yard, termites can travel up to 100m from the nest in search of food. This means that if your neighbour has a termite nest in their property that they either don’t know about or have ignored, termites could come to your home looking for food. Leaving scrap timber in direct contact with soil will attract termites to your yard and from there, there’s no telling how long it will take until they decide to use your home to sustain their ever growing colony. For further tips, see DIY termite inspection.

All too often, when our technician finds active termites in the home, there is scrap timber (or what’s left of it) scattered around the yard and garden, which has no doubt attracted the termites. We tell people, in most cases, getting termites is a matter of bad luck but there are things you can do to deter or even prevent a termite attack on your home.

A few DIY termite proofing recommendations we make is firstly, remove scrap timber from around your home and yard, fix leaking taps/pipes around the home and make sure all the weepholes are unobstructed. The only way to truly ‘termite proof’ your home is to make sure your termite protection is up to date. Having an up to date chemical barrier will ensure your home is protected should termites decide to take up residence near you.

At Results Home Services, we only use genuine Termidor and Altriset. Since both are transfer poisons, should termites decide to attack your home, they will pass through the treated zone and unknowingly take the termiticide back to the nest eradicating the entire colony.

Free Termite Check!

Think you’ve found termites? Why not call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified technicians out to check on what you’ve found and give a – no obligation free quote- to bring your termite protection up to date.

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