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Now is the Time to Prepare for Termite Season!

Now winter has officially set in most people push termites to the back of their minds thinking that termites aren't really active at the moment. The truth of the matter is the warmer than usual autumn we've just come through means termites are more active that usual at this time of year.

Winter is actually a great time of year to do work around the house especially in Brisbane. It's not too hot and it's a low period for builders, plumbers, carpet cleaners, tilers and pest controllers so you'll have no trouble getting the professional of your choice when you want them rather than having to settle for your second (or third choice) because everyone is so pushed for time in the summer period.

Termites are capable of causing thousands of dollars worth of damage in a relatively short amount of time which is why it is worth your while to take the time to prepare your home for termite season. Here are some really simple things you can do:

  • Remove the food source: This tip goes for all pests, if you remove the food source you reduce the chance of an infestation. Termites love timber or cellulose. This goes for mulch, loose timbers in your gardens, old stumps or logs and yes the timber that makes up your house frame. Removing as much timber as you can from around your home will greatly reduce your chance of a termite invasion.

  • Repair High Moisture: Termites love two things in life, timber and moisture. High moisture is considered a major risk factor for a termite infestation and a good timber pest inspector will always look for high moisture levels. Eliminate moist conditions around your home wherever you can and ensure water is drained away from the perimeter of your home so that excess moisture does not pool.

  • Remove gardens and heavy bushes: that are close to the home so the external perimeter is easy to inspect. Make sure the weep holes are unobstructed by gardens and mulch, furniture, pavers or stored items. We can't tell you how often we have been called to a termite infestation to find they have gained access through the weep holes and gone unnoticed because the weep holes were covered by stored goods.

  • Get your home protected: You might be put off by the initial cost but the benefit of having your home protected from a termite attack will be worth it. The cost of a termite attack can run into the thousands when you consider the repairs and remedial termite treatments so by being proactive now you will save yourself time, money and a whole lot of stress down the line.

Take the time and get your home prepared now before it gets too hot and too busy come summer. Termites cost Australian home owners millions in treatments and repairs every year and insurance covers none of that cost. Subterranean termites are just a fact of life for South-East Queenslanders so it's important to keep this in mind and be pro-active in protecting your home and biggest asset.

Think you've found termites?

Call Results Home Services today on 3823 2500 and speak to our friendly team about having one of our qualified termite inspectors out to your home. We can offer a free termite check or why not have a a full termite inspection using or thermal imaging camera, moisture meter and dongle? We service all of Brisbane and the greater region so call us today!

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