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Rodents keeping you up at night?

Does the sound of scurrying and gnawing keep you up at night? If the sound of rats and mice cajoling in your ceiling and walls is keeping you and your family awake at night it's time to contact the professionals.

Rats and mice are part of the rodentia order of mammals and are commonly referred to as rodents. They are small mammals that are characterised by their two large front teeth. Rodents like mice and rats are renowned for spreading disease through their urine and feces and they are also responsible for the spread of fleas.

Rats and mice are a safety hazard as much as they are a health hazard. A rodent's ability to spread diseases like Typhoid, Weil's Disease and E.Coli are well documented but having a persistent rodent problem can place your home in significant risk of a house fire due to frayed/faulty wires.

Rodents have two large front incisors that endlessly grow and necessitate the need for rodents to gnaw continuously to prevent these teeth from growing into their skull. This means rats and mice like to gnaw and chew on roof timbers and house materials including wires causing them to fray. Frayed wires along with the excess loose materials rodents bring in to build their nests make for a significant fire risk. So you should take measures to avoid rodent populations living in your home.

The key with any pest problem is to act quickly and don't let it get out of hand. Naturally, a smaller pest problem will be cheaper and easier to deal with.

If Rodents are keeping you up at night call us today on 38232500 and ask our friendly team about our comprehensive rodent control programs. We also offer fantastic pest control packages. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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