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"I'm seeing these weird brown ants in my house..."

The last few days we've been overwhelmed with calls from Brisbane home owners who are finding "weird brown ants in my house" or something to that effect. Are one of the many Brisbane home owners finding coffee coloured ant like bugs wondering across the patio?

We then follow up with, "do some of them have wings?" and the answer is usually "yes!" If you've been following our blog posts or Facebook page you're probably already aware it's flying termite season. Every year new new king and queen termites sprout wings and break free of their underground nests through flight holes and exit the active termite nest in the thousands in the hopes of finding a mate an establishing a new termite nest.

Once they land they shed their wings and start seeking food, moisture and shelter. This is usually when Brisbane home owners come across them and start to panic.

The flying termites you're seeing are not likely to cause much (if any)

damage in their current state and the majority of them die as they are unable to find food and shelter in time. The termites that do find food, shelter, moisture and a mate start the process of establishing a new termite nest, of which is very capable of causing real and expensive damage to your home.

Whilst flying termites themselves may not cause damage to your home directly seeing them in or near your home indicates there is a mature nest in close proximity to your home. Termites are not distance flyers and tend to flutter wherever the breeze takes them. However, if you're seeing many (50 or more) of these flying termites this could indicate termites are much closer to your home and potentially already causing damage.

Either way, our advice as always is to have a proper termite inspection with a licensed and experienced timber pest inspector. We back up every termite inspection with our moisture meter and thermal imaging camera.

Don't spend another sleepless night worrying about termites, call Results Home Services today and speak to our friendly team about having one of our experienced and qualified timber pest professionals inspect your home. We have been protecting Brisbane homes for over 20 years so you can trust we have the best advice when it comes to protecting your home from a termite attack.

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