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'Tis the Swarming Termite Season



"Refers to wings or wing like structures. In entomology it usually refers to the winged form of a social insect, especially termites of ants"

Insects with wings - flying termites

As you may or may not know it is now flying termite season, hey you, like many Brisbanites may have already noticed these four winged pests clumsily flying around your home. Like a biblical plague, swarming termites are invading our homes as soon as the sun sets. These swarming termites are affectionately known in the pest control industry as "swarmers" due to their tendency to emerge from the termite nest in incredible numbers!

Swarming termites are new kings and queens sent out to find a mate and establish and brand new termite nest. Whilst swarmers can happen at any time of the year they are most frequently observed on still, warm and humid nights which we see plenty of in Brisbane! Alates (flying termites) are leaving their nest in the thousands with the great expectation of establishing a new nest. Whilst flying about these termites are seeking a safe place that offers protection and moisture to start their new family.

Like many bugs, flying termites are attracted to your home by the bright lights - some people say termites only fly on a full moon which is a an old wive's tale; only witches fly on a full moon!

Flying termites in summer evenings

Thousands of swarming termites sounds like the stuff of nightmares but it's

not the flying termites that are the problem as 99.9% of these termite will die within hours of leaving their nest. What should concern you as a home owner is seeing flying termites near your home means there is a mature termite nest nearby. Termites are not distance flyers and tend to flutter to where the breeze takes them.

If you're seeing a large number of flying termites in your home this could indicate a big problem as it could be a sign that you already have active termites eating your home.

Either way, we highly recommend you organise to have a termite inspection with a trained and licensed termite inspector especially if you haven't had one in a while. It's also a great idea to make sure your home has an up to date termite protection plan in place so you can rest easy when swarmer season hits.

Results Home Services has been protecting Brisbane homes from termites for over 20 years. If you'd like to arrange for one of our experienced and licensed technicians to perform a thorough termite inspection call our friendly team today on 3823 2500 or you can contact us here!

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