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Warm weather will see the rise in the Creepy Crawlies


Last week Results Home Services was asked to talk to Channel 9 about how the extreme weather temperatures we are having mean a higher number of pests around homes in Brisbane.

Channel 9 and Results Home Services

Channel Nine @ Results Home Services

Channel 9 pest inspection

Channel Nine @ Results Home Services

Results Home Service and Channel Nine

Channel Nine pest inspection for home owners

Channel 9: Why Queenslanders are in for bill shock this summer


According to forecasters we're looking down the barrel of an extreme spring and summer with above average temperatures and little rain relief.

It means we'll have to rethink the way we operate at home if we don't want our household bills to soar.

Everywhere you look, there is evidence of a long dry winter, from parched backyards to tinder-dry bush and dusty parks.

It's no wonder fire chiefs are on high alert, warning those near grasslands to make sure their homes are bushfire ready.

“We have this large body of fine fuels grass out there that is going to create a challenge for us,” Rural Fire Service’s South-East regional manager Alan Gillespie says.

Even Weatherwatch’s meteorologist Anthony Cornelius is keeping a close eye on the patterns.

“It certainly has been very dry not just from lack of rainfall but we've been experiencing some very low humidity,” he says.

“Unfortunately for the first half of spring it's looking very unlikely.”

No rain plus the likelihood of heatwaves. Gumdale resident Cassandra Court is already feeling the effects around her house.

“You can't walk on the grass without it being crunchy under your feet and it looks terrible,” Ms Court says.

Pest controllers are seeing an early start to the season with pests moving inside, looking for moisture.

Termites, German cockroaches even ants, now's the time to check for nests especially in dishwashers and other warm and wet areas.

“They don't just attack the food in the house, we've had cases recently where they've attacked computers and printers,” Anthony Bennett from Results Home Services – a Brisbane pest expert seeing a rise in the creepy crawlies.

Last month, Greater Brisbane received just 5.2 millimeters of rain - well under the average of 38.7 mms.

Storms could be our only relief - even then, they're going to arrive later this season.

With our parks and yards looking worse for wear, the temptation is to turn on the tap to give them a boost but now's the time to have a household water plan in place so your water bill doesn't creep up.

“We have seen water usage creep up from around 160 litres per person per day to around 180,” Queensland Urban Utilities spokeswoman Michelle Cull adds.

The water provider says minor changes can make a big difference to your water consumption.

Like mulching gardens and watering early in the morning and evening to avoid evaporation.

Now's also the time to give your home a leak check.

One leaking tap can cost $70 a year.

A leaking toilet $200 a year.

“There is a simple DIY test you can do to check if your toilet is leaking,” Ms Cull said.

“So all you have to do is put a few drops of food colouring into the system wait about 10 minutes and if the food colouring seeps into the bowl, then you have a leak.”

With temperatures set to soar, it's also a good idea to look at your cooling costs.

You'll find plenty of money saving tips on the governments Your Home website, here.

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