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Wakerley and Gumdale Termite Solutions

Do you live in Wakerley or Gumdale and just discovered you might have termites? Don't worry because at Results Home Services we have you and your home's protection covered!

Wakerley and Gumdale is one of Brisbane's at most risk areas for a subterranean termite attack and we encourage all home owners in Wakerley and Gumdale very vigilant ensuring your termite inspection is done at least annually and your termite protection is current.

Termites can strike at any time in any season and much of whether you get attacked by termites is a matter of luck. Having a termite inspection done annually is the best way to gauge the level of risk your home is in. During a termite inspection our trained and qualified termite experts check around the home and gardens looking for risk factors that may elevate the risk of a termite attack on your home.

Your termite inspector will likely look for leaks or areas with high moisture

readings as moisture is considered a major risk factor for subterranean termites. Your inspector will also advise to keep timber materials not in direct contact with soil and will encourage you to ensure your weep holes remain unobstructed. The idea is to reduce the risk of a termite attack and if one does occur to make it easier to catch.

Many people in Wakerley and Gumdale that have found active termites in their homes only discovered the termites by accident like by pushing their vacuum through the skirting boards, or poking their finger through the wall only to discover a thin veneer of paint is all that remains of their wall.

Termite attacks are extremely stressful and expensive once you consider the cost to treat, inspect and repair the damage. A termite attack could easily cost you tens of thousands. This is why most pest controllers recommend you keep your chemical barrier up to date so you never have to experience a termite attack.

So if you have recently had the misfortune of discovering your home is under attack or if you think it's high time to follow the advice of the Australian Standards and most pest controllers in Australia and get your home protected, call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 for the best advice.

We service all of Brisbane and greater region including suburbs like Wakerley, Gumdale, Birkdale and Ransome.

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