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Brisbane Tick Season is Here

If the last two days are any indication is seems spring is getting ready to be sprung. While we're all enjoying the warm spring evenings it's time to think about your tick control measures because the arrival of spring means the start of tick season.

The paralysis tick has four life cycle stages that have a definite correlation to seasonality. Nymphs are primarily active during the winter months before they emerge as adult ticks in the spring (September, October, November) but insects don't have a calendar and their life cycle cues come from the weather and as the weather warms up like we have seen the past week, the ticks are getting ready for their next life cycle stage as adults. The tick also needs blood from its hosts to move through each life cycle phase. For example, adult female ticks require a blood meal before they can start laying their eggs.

The paralysis tick is of particular concern for people with children and pets as the paralysis tick has to potential for causing serious illness and even death, particularly in pets.

The paralysis tick is most common in warmer, humid conditions in areas with high levels of wildlife to feed on and sustain their life cycle. Paralysis ticks are very common throughout the Brisbane area.

When a tick latches on to a host they pierce the skin of the host with their

sharp mouth parts, once attached ticks inject an anticoagulant to prevent the host's blood from clotting. This anticoagulant allows them to engorge themselves on blood. The paralysis tick, which accounts for 95% of all tick bites in the eastern Australian region, has saliva that is highly toxic to some animals and some people. Which is why it is essential to take measures to control the tick population if you live in a particularly tick prone area.

Ticks tend to dwell in bushy areas and are usually found near creeks, dams or lakes due to their need for moisture. Ticks are also drawn to our homes as we and our pets are their food source which is why they are drawn to our homes and gardens.

Ticks are a serious threat, particularly to pets - click here to find out more on the signs of a paralysis tick bite. Which is why we offer tick control solutions so you can protect your very best furry friend.

Our tick treatment also controls mosquitoes and it involves the tick/mozzie product to be dispersed around your home and surrounding gardens and yard as a fine mist. This ensure maximum coverage and will eradicate the ticks in your garden and due to its residual effect, any eggs that do hatch, when the tick comes into contact with the treated zone (ie. your garden) they will also pick up the treatment and die. This treatment will break their breeding cycle giving you some piece of mind for your pet's safety.

Don't wait for it to be too late, call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and talk to our friendly staff about our tick and mozzie treatment. We service all of Brisbane including the Gumdale, Wakerley, Ransome, Chandler areas as well the Greenbank, New Beith, Munruben and Brookwater areas.

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