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Termite Solutions in Gumdale

active termite nest

Gumdale is a flourishing suburb with new homes and townhouses going up everyday in this unique, leafy green suburb. With all the hustle and bustle of new homes and shopping centers being built subterranean termites are now on the move after their nests have been disturbed by construction.

This is exactly the reason our senior termite expert is imploring home owners in Gumdale to make sure their termite protection is up to date so you don't get stung by a very expensive termite attack. Termites are exploding all over south-east Brisbane and Gumdale is a hotbed of termite activity because of its previously undisturbed bush lands that housed millions and millions of active termites. These termites don't disappear the moment someone decides to build a house on their colony and new construction and termite standards don't require the soil to be treated prior to commencing construction.

This is a particular problem for newly developed suburbs like Gumdale and Wakerley where there has been large expanses of bush land which is now being converted into homes and shopping centers. Old, large termite colonies are being disturbed and the new construction is pushing them out and into new areas and we're finding a lot of our clients in Gumdale and Wakerley are noticing new termite nests popping up around their homes.

Regular termite inspections by a certified timber-pest inspector is a great start but we recommend home owners be vigilant and make sure there is current termite protection like a chemical barrier (aka perimeter soil treatment) or a monitoring/baiting system in place to protect your home from a very expensive and stressful termite attack.

Don't wait for the inevitable, call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified termite professionals give a free quote to protect your home from subterranean termites. If it's been a while since your last termite inspection, why not bring it up to date? At Results we back up all our termite inspections with our thermal imaging camera, moisture meter and dongle and provide you with a 21 page, easy to read report.

We service all of Brisbane and the greater region including suburbs like Gumdale, Wakerley, Birkdale, Manly and Wynnum.

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