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Bed Bugs! Help, what do I do now?

Bed Bug Pest Control
Have you just discovered you have bed bugs? Despite what the terrifying webpages on Google are telling you, don't panic. Having bed bugs can be very stressful, but calling Results Home Services as soon as you discover the infestation will make the entire process much simpler and stress free.
Bed bugs are the kind of thing that will only get worse if left unchecked and untreated. The problem will definitely not resolve itself and fast action is required to get a hold of the infestation before it becomes a huge problem. There are plenty “experts” on the internet telling you how to solve a bed bug problem using nothing but tea tree oil and a spray bottle. We can tell you from the shared experiences of our clients who have tried DIY bed bug solutions only to have the problem get worse.
Bed bugs, like termites, are one thing you don’t want to attempt on a DIY basis for one very good reason; if you get it wrong, the results could be catastrophic. We have had clients who allowed their bed bug infestation to get so bad they had no choice but to strip their apartment of all furnishings, carpets and curtains and then have Results Home Services come to treat all surfaces and crevices for lingering bed bugs. If treated and managed in a timely manner, you should be able to avoid throwing out any bedding, linens or furniture.

Bed bug living on a lounge chair

Bed bugs found on the back of a sofa

Do not try and treat bed bugs yourself
Once you have discovered you have bed bugs call Results Home Services and book in a time for our experienced and qualified pest control experts to go and assess the situation and perform a bed bug treatment. You will be asked to leave the linens as they are and remain in the affected room so as not to spread the problem. We realise leaving the affected room and washing your linens will be your first instinct but leaving them until our technician can see them gives us a greater insight into how extensive the problem may be and remaining in the affected room will reduce the chance of the infestation spreading to other rooms. Bed bugs can detect carbon dioxide so they are able to track and follow their food source (you) so when you decide to sleep in another area, depriving the bed bugs of their food source, they will come looking for you.

Wash linens in hot wash and dry cycle to destroy and bed bug eggs
Once a Results Home Services technician has visited, treated the affected areas and placed mattress protectors on affected mattresses they will ask you to wash your linens in a hot wash and dry cycle to destroy any bed bug eggs that may be present. Depending on the severity of the infestation he may also recommend you remove clothes from drawers and cupboards and put them through a hot wash and dry cycle to eliminate eggs from these items as well. Delicate items that will not survive a trip through the wash should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and left in the sun for 6-8 hours (depending on sun temperature) the heat will disintegrate bed bugs and their eggs.
Depending on the severity of the bed bug infestation, the technician may also recommend you have your carpets and/or mattress steam cleaned to remove and destroy any bed bugs and their eggs lurking in these areas. Cleaning your carpets along with a bed bug chemical treatment is a great way to spur on the treatment. The steam cleaning will eliminate many of the breeding adults and the residual effects of the treatment will ensure any nymphs (baby bed bugs) that hatch in the coming weeks will walk over the treated areas (in search of food) and will die.
Don’t let your small bed bug problem become a big bed bug problem. Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and speak to one of our friendly staff about how we can help you. We service all of Brisbane and greater Brisbane including Redland Bay, Stradbroke Island and Far North Brisbane.
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