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What you get when Results Home Services Inspects your Home for Termites

Thermal imaging termite inspection Brisbane

When we check your home or investment property for termites, you will experience the most thorough inspection possible—that is our guarantee. We will take the time necessary to check any possible hiding spot or point-of-entry for signs of termites, and all of our findings will be delivered to you in a 21-page (easy to read) termite inspection report. This report includes the proactive actions required to safeguard your home from termites. It also lists useful suggestions for DIY termite control, which will help reduce the chances of future termite attacks.

The image below shows a typical hardwood floor found in many Queensland homes. Hiding underneath are termites that are eating away at the floorboards. Unless you have a trained eye, this will go unseen until the termites have eaten their way to the surface—at which point it’s too late.

Can you see where the termites are hiding?

thermal cameras can detect what our eyes cannot see

Bright pink indicates where termites are hiding

We’ve seen just about every degree of termite infestation—including major structural damage to a number of buildings—all because the properties in question did not undergo regular termite inspections. That’s why the Building Services Authority (BSA) and the Australian Standard AS3660.2-2000 strongly recommend an inspection every six months—or, at minimum, once per year. And that recommendation holds true even your property has been treated in the past.

To find out more about our full termite inspection services, call us today at 3823 2500 and talk to one of our friendly staff—or just send us a request for a quick quote by email.

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