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Altriset: The Safest Option for your Termite Protection

Are you looking at installing a chemical barrier around your home to protect against termites? This is why you should be seriously considering Altriset as your termiticide of choice.

Altriset -environmentally friendly termite protection

Altriset is the latest and safest in chemical technology and is the termiticide of choice for people seeking a safe and eco-friendly termite protection option. Altriset is an environmentally friendly option that people with families, pets or a general dislike for harsh poisons should be considering.

Altriset is based on the Ryania spp shrub

The active constituent in Altriset is Chlorantraniliprole and is based on a naturally occurring compound found in the shrubs and bushes of the Ryania spp. It specifically targets the insect muscles rather than the nervous system like other insecticides. Altriset paralysis the termites, making them unable to feed and stops termites chewing within hours of contact with Altriset. The great news about Altriset is that it won’t effect other creatures like honeybees, birds or pets.

Altriset is a non-repellent, transfer termiticide so termites can’t sense the Altriset in the soil and have no idea they are infecting the other termites with it during the normal communication and grooming behaviours. Within hours of contact, the termites become paralysed, unable to feed or chew, within days Altriset spreads throughout the entire colony and within 90 days, termites are terminated from the structure.

Altriset certified applicators

At Results Home Services we offer Altriset as an option for your termite protection because we value offering the safest and one of the most effective termiticides on the market. If you’re looking at bringing your termite management plan up to date, why not call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified and experienced technicians offer a no obligation free quote. Having been protecting Brisbane homes for over 20 years, you can trust we have the best advice to protect your home and greatest investment. The best news? We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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