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Is it Important to have Termite Protection for your Investment Property?

Do you own investment properties in Brisbane and are you termite ready?

Rental property needs termite protection

If the answer is no to the latter than you should definitely be reconsidering your position. Termites cost Australian home owners millions of dollars each year in treatments in repairs. South east Queensland is considered an extremely high risk area for termite attacks due to the sub-tropical climate we enjoy.

Termite hazard map for Australia

The truth of the matter is the Australian Standard recommend an up to date termite management plan be in place to protect a structure from a termite attack and ideally a physical barrier (like Termimesh) should be backed up with a chemical barrier to remove any and all possibility of a termite attack on the structure. With this in mind, it seems a good time to remind you that your home insurance does not cover a termite attack so the entire cost of repairing termite damage and remedial termite treatments falls squarely on you, the home owner.

As you have a vested interested in the home’s survival, if you were living in your investment property you would be keeping a keen eye out for signs of termites and being sure to remove all risk factors from your home (like scrap timber against the house etc.) Tenants however, do not usually care as much. They’ll be leaving in 12 or so months so have no interest in whether the building will be standing in the next five years. Tenants don’t tend to be aware of termite signs, or making sure there is no timber stored against the slab edge or all those small things home owners are doing to make their home less inviting to termites.

So why leave your investment’s security in the hands of someone else? Why not take the first step to ensuring peace of mind and have a chemical barrier installed so you can rest easy knowing your investment is going to be standing for many years to come. Don’t take the risk of your nest egg being eaten away (literally!), consult a professional pest controller now about the termite protection options available to you.

Something to consider when sorting through your quotes, a chemical barrier will always cost less than an unknown repair and termite treatment bill. Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Call Results Home Services now and have one of our qualified and experienced technicians do a free quote or why not have a full termite inspection, using our thermal imaging camera, moisture meter and dongle?

Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and speak to our friendly staff about organising a time or day that suits you. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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