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Considering a Bunnings Termite Treatment?

Have you recently found termites in your garden or home or had a termite inspection come back to show you have a major termite infestation in your home or sub-floor and now you’re left with the decision of what next?

Termite invasion to brick home

Hopefully you have consulted a professional pest controller (if you haven’t, you should) and your pest controller has talked you through the different treatment and protection options available to you. From the remedial treatment to the chemical barrier protection or monitoring/baiting systems, you have plenty of options to consider. Looking at all the options, you may at this point be wondering “what’s so hard about that? I can do that!” Before jumping on the Bunnings or Mitre 10 websites to see how much it’ll cost you for some DIY termite spray.

After a little Googling you conclude that you could get out of your little termite pickle for under $100 and a Saturday’s worth of effort. Yes, you can go to Bunnings or your local hardware store, pick up a bottle of termiticide and splash it around but speaking from experience, this may cost you more in time, stress and money in the long run.

About a year ago we got a call from someone who had found termites in their home, upon inspection our technician found it was a severe infestation leading from the sub-floor into the internal timbers and structural roof timbers. We recommended a remedial treatment to kill the termites that were eating the home and install a chemical barrier to close off the entry points to prevent another termite attack down the line. We were thanked for the advice but the owner had decided to organise their own DIY Bunnings treatment, only to call us a year later with significantly more termite damage in new areas, costing him far more in treatments and repairs.

So whilst the DIY treatment was cheaper in the short term, in the long term it ended up costing far more than it should of and had they taken the licensed timber pest professional’s opinion on board they could have saved themselves thousands of dollars. We also see customers who opt for buying chemicals like Termidor online and decide to use the “real stuff” themselves only to have that blow up in their face as well.

It’s really about both the correct products and termiticides we use combined with years of expertise and experience that are behind the people using it. This will be your first time treating for termites but it’s their thousandth time. Our qualified technicians are highly trained so they know how termites are likely to react to a particular treatment, they know which product is most suitable for your situation and can make recommendations on things you can change or do to make your home less attractive to termites.

What’s more is our technicians are backed by our warranty, which is backed by our insurer, so when you have a complete chemical barrier installed you can rest easy knowing all the costs for treatment and repairs will be covered should termites penetrate that complete chemical barrier.

In the pest control and termite management industry it really is a case of you get what you pay for and if you’re unwilling to pay for experienced and professional pest controllers be prepared for the consequences of an amateur job. Your home is likely to be your greatest investment so why take the risk of termites returning to create more damage?

If you think you’ve found termites call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and have one of our experienced and qualified technicians out for a free termite check or why not have our termite professional complete a termite inspection using our thermal imaging camera, moisture meter and dongle. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs on the north and south sides.

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