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Have you got Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug infestation

Getting bed bugs is really a matter of bad luck rather than a case of poor hygiene but bed bugs do present a significant pest control challenge as eradicating them from your home can take considerable time, effort and resources. Bed bugs aren't like other parasites where good personal hygiene and good house keeping habits is enough to eradicate the infestation. More is required and very rarely are DIY options enough to completely eradicate the problem as bed bugs are very resilient and adapt quickly.

Bed bugs are a parasite that get their name from their favourite place to live. Whilst bed bugs do not exclusively live in beds this is a key place they are usually found as the bed bugs have access to an all you can eat buffet for about 8 hours a day. Bed bugs will also infest other soft furnishings like lounges, upholstered chairs, cinema chairs and plane chairs. The tricky thing with bed bugs is they won't exclusively infest these areas and will instead live, breed and dwell in other places in the home like under rugs, in cracks and crevices, bedside tables, in wardrobes and dressers. Basically concealed enough so they can breed and dwell undisturbed but still close enough to their food source.... you.

There are key signs to be on the lookout for which indicate you have bed bugs, the first sign most people notice first is the bites. If you're waking up with small red bites that you didn't have the night before, you may have bed bugs. Some people find the bites extremely irritating and others don't really react to the bites, it just depends if your skin is sensitive to the bed bug bite. The other signs you may notice are blood spots on your sheets or bedding, bed bugs or bed bug eggs on mattress.


Some key places you should check when looking for bed bugs are:

The Bed Base

Bed bugs in couch base

This is the place you are most likely to find bed bugs. This area is largely undisturbed and a favourite spot for bed bugs.

The Head Board

Bed Bugs in Bed headboards

The head board has lots of cracks and crevices and is a popular hiding spot for bed bugs.

Mattress Seams

Bed Bugs in Mattress Seams

If you have read our article on preventing bed bugs you will have read to always inspect the mattress and mattress seams for bed bug activity when you stay in hotels and motels as this is a hot spot for bed bugs.

Beside Table

Whilst not the most common place to find bed bugs, bedside tables usually have plenty of hiding spots and are conveniently located very close to their food source.


So if you've discovered you have bed bugs or are unsure and would a professional to confirm and discuss the treatment process with you, call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and have one of our experienced and qualified technicians out to first of all confirm you have bed bugs, gauge how advanced the infestation has become and work out an appropriate treatment plan with you so we can leave you with a bed bug free home. We understand that having bed bugs can be stressful that's why we're on hand and happy to take your call to make the entire process as easy and stress free as possible.

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