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Rodent season is upon us!

Rodent problems Brisbane Pest Control

Whilst you might be enjoying the reprieve from the sweltering weather. Unfortunately the cooler weather means you may start to see rodents around the home as they seek shelter and food. Rats and mice are active all year around and unlike many other rodents they don’t have months where they are less active but people tend to have issues with rodents as the days become cooler. This is due to rats and mice wanting to seek a warm place to set up a nest and raise a family.

It’s wise to have rodent baits set up all year round to prevent a rodent problem from getting out of hand but if you have seen a mouse scatter across the patio or a rat climbing up the down pipe, now is the time to have your rodent control sorted before that one rat or mouse turns into many mice and many rats. Rodents are notorious for their resilience and short breeding cycles which can make them difficult to eradicate once they have taken hold.

Rodents use what we call runways to travel between nesting sites and food sources. Rodents are creatures of habit and will use the same runways between nest sites, food and water. Rodent runways are usually 2-3 inches wide and are usually along walls or skirting boards and can be identified by marks left from the rodents dirty/oily fur with little to no dust or cobwebs as the runway sees frequent activity.

Rodents need to gnaw continuously to keep their front teeth in ideal condition. Rodents destroy any and all food stuffs they come into contact rendering them inedible. Rodents are renowned for spreading potentially fatal diseases like salmonella, typhus, and leptospirosis, a potentially serious bacterial illness spread by their urine contaminating water or food. This is why you should act quickly and call a professional pest controller if you suspect you have a rodent problem.

We service homes and businesses across Brisbane and surrounding suburbs and no rodent problem is too big or too small. Our qualified and experienced technicians will be able to advise you on things you can do to prevent, reduce and solve a rodent infestation. As a part of our service we always try to identify the entry points the rodents are using so we can advise you close this entry off helping solve the infestation or reduce the chance of one developing in the future. Our technicians will always try to seek out the runways and nesting sights so they can place rodent baits accordingly. Having been protecting Brisbane homes from rodents for over 25 years you can trust we have the knowledge and experience to deal with your rodent problem. Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and see how our friendly staff can help you

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