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Flesh Eating Bacteria Strikes Queensland! How to protect your family

The bacterial disease Daintree Ulcer is once again on the rise and experts are warning Queesnlanders to be extra mosquito wary and take precautions to prevent mozzie bites. Daintree ulcers are thought to be transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical areas and can be very serious if left untreated. The bacterial disease can leave people seriously disfigured if the disease is left un-diagnosed and untreated. Treatment can include surgery to cut out the infected/dead tissues and/or a course of antibotics to kill the bacteria.

doctors are urging all Queenslanders to take care when out in forests or gardening at home, being sure to wear protective clothing, using personal insect repellent and being mindful about your surroundings and take extra precautions to reduce the chance of mosquito and other insect bites. Avoid gardening and other outdoor activities at dawn and dusk as these are the times mosquitoes are most active especially if you live in a region known to have past cases of Daintree Ulcer.

If you want to take pre-emptive action against mosquitoes in your home, why not have a Results Home Services Mosquito Treatment? Our mozzie treatment is ideal if you're being eaten alive on your patio as soon as the sun sets. Our mozzie treatment will target and eradicate the breeding adults that are present around your home to break the breeding cycle and give you relief from these swarming pests. The mozzie treatment also has a residual effect so when a mosquito comes into contact with the treated area it will die before it has the chance to harass you and your family enjoying your outdoor area.

Queensland has the perfect climate for BBQ dinners and drinks on the patio so don't let a few million mosquito bites ruin the Queenslander lifestyle for you. Call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and see how our Mosquito treatment can help you reclaim your deck once more. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs on the north side and south side as well as the Bayside region and the western suburbs.

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