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Your Pest Control Free Service On Flies

Because flies often feed on dead and rotting matter, they can harm people and animals by spreading diseases such as dysentery or typhoid fever. They can also contaminate food and cause food poisoning and/or diarrhoea. When feeding, some flies -- most notably stable flies and mosquitoes, which fall into the same order -- can also inflict painful bites.

Seclira® Pressurised Fly Bait is a new ground breaking, ready-to-use pressurised bait, enabling pest controllers to quickly and precisely place bait where nuisance flies naturally go. Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait is powered by a unique, fast-acting active ingredient which, when applied to surfaces, dries clear and has no odour. Apply it to surfaces as a spot or band treatment to control nuisance flies in seconds and provide up to 6-weeks residual efficacy.

Latest technology in termite protection
Free Six weeks Service Period on Seclira Fly Treatment

Pest Control is not an exact science; there are many factors that can affect a pest control treatment. Whether reintroduction of a pest to a treated zone, bridging of the treatment zone or an unexpected change in weather conditions occurs at the time of the treatment. What is important to us is that we meet your expectations for a quality pest control service. This is why we are happy to back many of our pest control services with a free service period. This means, regardless of what happens to the pest treatment, if you feel that there is an unusual increase or unnoticeable decrease of the treated pest/pests, we will happily return to your property and retreat as required, no questions asked.

At any stage should you have concerns regarding your

pest treatment please contact us.

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