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Information about your pest control

About your Pest Control

Thank you for booking your pest control services with us. Results Home Services chooses to use the latest and smartest premium products that are safest for your family, pets and the environment.  We will always ensure that all the pest control chemicals used around your home are the latest, smartest, and safest generation of products available; it is important to observe health and safety precautions during and after your pest management treatment.

Before We Arrive:

We are applying insecticide to safeguard you and your family against household pests. To ensure safety, we kindly request your cooperation and have prepared a checklist outlining our requirements. For optimal results, we recommend making sure the floors and skirting boards are clean of dust prior to our arrival.

Check List

Please ensure the following:

General Areas and Bedrooms:

Remove personal items such as clothes, shoes, and books from the floor. Also, ensure to remove children's toys and other play items from the floor.  It always pays to clean the floors and skirting boards before we come to ensure the best results. 

Remove any clothes and/or towels from the floor. Make sure to put away or cover toothbrushes and other personal items.  Also ensure the floor is dry and clean before we arrive. 

Ensure that all food items and food utensils are covered before treatment. Make sure to seal or cover all food containers in the pantry.  Please remove items on the party floor and clean under the fridge for best results. 

Ensure that the floor is free of any laundry, and all clean clothes in baskets are either removed or covered. If we are scheduled to perform an external spray for spiders or ants, kindly make sure no clothes are hanging on the clothesline before we arrive.

To conduct a thorough pest control, it is recommended that you remove your vehicle from the garage/carport to allow access and prevent any possibility of overspray on your vehicle. This will enable us to apply a barrier spray around all walls and ensure effective treatment.

Remove or cover bird cages and fish tanks. Although the spray treatment we apply is safe, it is recommended that you remove your pets from the treated area until the treatment is dry.

Safety measures required after your treatment:

Re-Entry Period:
Drying Time:

Ensure your house is well ventilated, as this will speed up the drying time of our treatment.  We find it useful to leave aircondisioner on for  a while after have treated as this will help dry time.

While the treatment is drying and the house is ventilating, we suggest organising a coffee run, shopping outing, or a walk to the park. Additionally, please make sure that pets and children do not re-enter the home during the drying process.

The treatments we use are safe, odourless, and colourless. The spray creates a fine mist, so the drying time is not long. If the house is well-ventilated, we recommend allowing at least one hour before re-entering the home (air conditioning helps reduce drying time).

Please make sure to inform us about any pets, personal or family allergies, or other health concerns. Thank you.

Allergies/Health Concerns:

Please ensure that individuals who are sensitive or prone to allergic reactions stay out of the treated area as a precautionary measure. They should wait at least four hours before returning, ensuring proper ventilation (keeping air conditioners on 'vent mode' is recommended).

If you suspect that someone has come into contact with the treated area and has been affected, please get in touch with the Poisons Information Centre at 13 11 26. Make sure to have a copy of the invoice this will have all the chemical information that they will need.

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